Prizm Weekly Digest

Prizm Weekly Digest 

Completed language versions of

✅ Russian
✅ English
✅ Indonesian

❗️ Soon we will adapt the remaining language versions.

Fully redesigned news feeds. Now the news will be available in a convenient way. format of turbo pages in 2 languages:

✅ Russian
✅ English

Various news feeds will be developed in the future. instructions and video guides to help you.

🔴 Started work on Prizm YouTube channel:
📺 Prizm on YouTube

On the Revain Platform we have already 13 quality reviews:

💬 Prizm review on Revain
💬 Prizm Wallet review on Revain

💌 Don’t be too lazy to write a review.

❗️Today sent for verification in the AppStore
📱 Prizm Wallet 3.0.2 - after the release we are announcing new useful features.

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