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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for PRIZMOur Services
Dear users,
Thank you for choosing PRIZM. PRIZM (hereinafter referred to as ""Service,"" ""Platform,"" ""we,"" or ""Service"") is a cyber currency management service. All individuals and legal entities who use this product are considered users of this product (hereinafter referred to as ""you"" or ""user""). For the convenience of users, this Agreement may be presented in multiple languages. In case of any conflict or gaps, the English version shall prevail.
We recommend that you carefully read and understand the policies in their entirety before using this product ("PRIZM"), and important information, including disclaimers, will be highlighted in bold. The definitions of key terms in this policy correspond to the definitions in the "PRIZM Service Agreement".

I. Confirmation and Acceptance of this Agreement
1.2 By downloading the PRIZM software, you are deemed to have fully read and accepted all the terms of this Agreement. This Agreement shall take effect immediately and be binding on both parties. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, you should immediately cease using PRIZM. Please uninstall PRIZM if you have downloaded the application.
1.3 By accessing or using PRIZM, you agree that:
(1) Accept to be binding to the latest version of the Agreement (no changes or modifications);
(2) In the jurisdiction applicable to you, you have reached the age of majority to use PRIZM and are capable of fulfilling legally binding or financial obligations arising from the use of PRIZM.
(3) You are not in the category of excluded users (as defined in the Agreement).
1.4 The Company reserves the right to update the Agreement at any time. The updated Agreement shall come into effect immediately upon its publication without further notice. If users do not accept the updated terms of the Agreement, we request that they cease using PRIZM. Any use after the update of the Agreement shall be deemed as your acceptance of the revised Agreement.
II. Definitions of services
2.1 PRIZM refers to a blockchain-oriented digital wallet.
2.2 Wallet Password: Refers to the password you create when setting up the PRIZM wallet, which is used to encrypt and protect your private key. As a decentralized application, the wallet password is not stored on your mobile device or the company's server. If you lose the wallet password, you will need the private key or recovery phrase to reset the wallet password.
2.3 Hint: Refers to the messages that appear on the PRIZM interfaces and provide instructions to users about the workflow, including relevant procedures and steps.
2.4 Developer Users: Refers to users who have access to developer-oriented services, such as the PRIZM open-source code and developer mode as specified in the company's notifications and relevant open-source protocols."
2.5 Private Key: It consists of 35 random characters (as a minimum value) and 132 characters (as a maximum value). It is an essential element for owning and using the PRIZM cryptocurrency.
2.6 Public Key: Refers to the key derived from the private key using cryptography. It is used to create the blockchain digital wallet address, i.e., the public address for receiving funds."
2.7 Keystore: A file that contains an encrypted private key or recovery phrase. It is stored only on your device and will not be synchronized with the company's server. In case of loss, recovery is not possible."
2.8 Personal information: refers to various electronically or otherwise recorded information that can directly or in combination with other information identify the user's identity, including but not limited to the individual's name, date of birth, identification number, biometric information, address, phone number, bank card number, email address, wallet address, information about the mobile device, transaction records, transaction history, etc., excluding wallet password, private key, recovery phrase, and user's Keystore. PRIZM does not collect or store this information.
2.9 Third-party services: refer to all products and services offered by third parties such as third-party DApp, smart contracts, open-source protocols, hardware wallets, web pages, exchanges, etc.
III. PRIZM Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service")
3.1 Wallet Creation: You can create new wallets for the PRIZM cryptocurrency using PRIZM."
3.2 Transfer/Receipt of Funds: You can manage the PRIZM cryptocurrency using the transfer and receipt functions within the PRIZM application. This involves using private keys for electronic signing and modifying corresponding blockchain entries. A transfer is the process by which a payer sends funds to recipients using their blockchain addresses. The transfer is a confirmed record in the distributed ledger of the PRIZM cryptocurrency.
3.3 Other Services We Deem Necessary."
When accepting the services provided by PRIZM, you acknowledge and agree to the following:
(1) In order to comply with the characteristics of blockchain decentralization and protect the cryptocurrency, the Company provides decentralized services that significantly differ from the services provided by financial institutions in the banking industry. Users understand that the Company does not provide the following services:
a) Storage of user wallet passwords (i.e., passwords set by the user during account creation/wallet import), private keys, recovery phrases, or Keystore files;"
b) Recovery of user wallet passwords, private keys, recovery phrases, or Keystore files;"
c) Freezing a wallet;
d) Reporting a lost wallet;
i) Wallet recovery; or
f) rollback transactions.
(2) You are responsible for keeping your mobile device with the PRIZM application safe, creating backups of PRIZM, as well as backing up your wallet password, recovery phrase, private keys, and Keystore files. If you lose your mobile device, delete PRIZM or your wallet, have your wallet stolen, or forget your wallet password, private keys, recovery phrase, or Keystore files, we will not be able to restore your wallet or recover your wallet password, private keys, recovery phrase, or Keystore files. We cannot reverse transactions and are not responsible for any errors made by the user during transactions (such as entering the wrong transfer address or incorrect transfer amount).
(3)Please back up your wallet password if you use the password-free payment feature on PRIZM. If your fingerprint or facial recognition fails multiple times, you will need to enter your wallet password to verify your identity. If you forget your wallet password, you will need to set up a new wallet password by importing your recovery phrase/private key. We do not store your fingerprint, facial recognition and other biometric information, and we shall not be responsible for this.
(4) The services for managing the PRIZM cryptocurrency provided by PRIZM and the Company do not cover all existing digital tokens."
(5) The instant swap function provided by PRIZM essentially represents the exchange of cryptocurrencies conducted by users within the blockchain system using their own blockchain."
(6) Users who are not familiar with blockchain technology are advised not to use the platform in order to avoid improper use of cryptocurrency wallets or any security risks associated with cryptocurrencies.
IV. Create Wallet
4.1 Users must create a wallet on the platform before using the platform's services. Alternatively, they can use an existing PRIZM cryptocurrency wallet.
4.2 This User Agreement will appear when creating a wallet for the first time. Clicking the 'I agree' button signifies that the user or the authorized person acting on behalf of the user agrees to all the terms of this Agreement and is bound by them.
4.3 Before or after creating a wallet, the platform reserves the right to refuse to provide services to the user in accordance with the requirements of laws, regulations, norms, and other norms of the country or region where the user is located.
4.4 You agree to comply with the following:
(1) You create a wallet and use the platform's services for lawful purposes and do not intend to use the platform as a means to violate any laws or regulations.
(2) You warrant that the digital assets used in your PRIZM wallet have been obtained from lawful sources."
(3) In addition to this Agreement, you must also comply with all rules published and updated by the platform from time to time, including, among others, announcements, technical instructions, risk warnings, etc.
4.5 In case of a breach of the obligations set forth in Section 4.4 of this Agreement:
(1) The Platform reserves the right to suspend or deny the user access to all or part of the Platform's services. In such a case, the Platform shall not be held responsible, and the user agrees to bear any direct or indirect expenses or losses incurred as a result.
(2) Users shall be responsible for any direct or indirect losses and adverse consequences resulting from the breach of their obligations, and the Platform reserves the right to hold users accountable.
4.6 All users use the services of the platform voluntarily. The platform does not coerce, induce, deceive, or influence users by any unfair means.
V. Risk reminders
5.1 You understand and acknowledge that cyber currency carries significant risks, such as technical instability or the inability to exchange them for cash due to insufficient laws and regulations in this area. You also understand that the volatility of cyber currency is significantly higher than that of other financial assets. It is recommended that you make prudent choices regarding the acquisition, holding, or disposal of cyber currency based on your financial position and risk tolerance.
5.2 The PRIZM application serves solely as an interface tool, assisting users in interacting with the cyber currency blockchain.
5.3 When transferring cyber currency to another wallet address, you must determine for yourself whether the other party is a fully capable individual at the time of the transaction and decide for yourself whether to proceed with the transaction with the other party or transfer money to the other party, etc.
5.4 You understand that after creating or importing a wallet on PRIZM, your Keystore, private key, mnemonic, and other information are stored only on the mobile device you use, not on PRIZM or Company servers. You can follow PRIZM's instructions to change your mobile device, synchronize your wallet, etc. However, in the event of loss of your mobile device resulting in the loss of digital tokens due to not preserving or creating a backup of your wallet password, private key, mnemonic, Keystore, or other information, the Company will not be able to recover them for you. In cases where digital tokens are lost due to the disclosure of information during export, storage, or backup of your wallet password, private key, mnemonic, Keystore, or other information, or in the event of an attack or hacker control over the device or server used to store or back up the aforementioned information, the Company will not be able to recover them for you. Any losses resulting from the above are solely your responsibility.
5.5 We recommend that you securely create backups of your personal information, such as wallet password, private key, mnemonic, and Keystore when creating or importing a wallet. We recommend avoiding the use of screenshots, email, notes, or similar functions on your mobile device, SMS, WeChat, QQ, or other electronic methods for creating backups. Instead, we recommend that you copy the mnemonic, Keystore, and other information to a paper notebook.
5.6 We recommend that you use PRIZM in a secure network environment and ensure that your mobile device is not ""jail-broken"" or "rooted" in order to avoid potential security risks.
Be vigilant against fraud when using PRIZM. We recommend reporting any suspicious behavior to us immediately.
VI. Change, suspension, and termination of service
6.1 You understand and agree that the Company may, at its discretion, temporarily provide or suspend part of its services or introduce new services in the future. When such a change occurs, your continued use of PRIZM signifies your agreement to this Agreement or the amended terms of this Agreement.
6.2 To reduce misuse of PRIZM or any security risks associated with digital tokens, it is recommended that you refrain from using PRIZM if you do not have basic knowledge of blockchain. The Company reserves the right to refuse the provision of some or all of its services to users who do not have basic knowledge of blockchain.
6.3 You understand that the Company will suspend or terminate the Service in the event of the followings:
(1) PRIZM is unable to function properly due to technical reasons such as hardware and blockchain system maintenance, updates, crashes and communication problems;
(2) The Company is unable to provide the Service or it reasonably believes that continuing to provide the Service will give rise to substantial risks due to typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood, power outage, wars, terrorist attacks, viruses, Trojans, hacking, system instability or government actions, etc.
(3) Changes in applicable laws or policies that have material adverse effects;
(4) Other circumstances that cannot be controlled or reasonably foreseen by the Company.
6.4 The Company may unilaterally suspend or terminate the use of all or part of the features of PRIZM by the User in the event that the User:
(1) Dies;
(2) Steals someone else's wallet information or mobile device;
(3) Provides false personal information in the PRIZM.
(4) Refuses to comply with mandatory updates of PRIZM.
(5) Uses the open-source code of PRIZM in a way that violates third-party open-source agreements or the rules of the Company.
(6) uses PRIZM for illegal or criminal purposes;
(7) Interferes with the normal use of PRIZM by other users;
(8) Falsely claims to be a member of the Company's staff or executives;
(9) Attacks, invades, alters or in any other way threatens the normal operation of the Company's computer systems;
(10) uses PRIZM for spam advertising;
(11) Spreads rumors that tarnish the reputation of the Company and PRIZM.
(12) Engages in other illegal activities or conducts that violate the Agreement, or circumstances where the Company deems necessary to suspend certain functions.
6.5 You have the right to export personal information such as your wallet within a reasonable time if the Company changes, suspends or terminates the Service.
PRIZM (hereinafter referred to as "we") respects and protects the privacy of our users (hereinafter referred to as "you" or "user"), and will collect and use your personal information generated during the use of PRIZM in accordance with this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "this Policy").
VII. Information we collect from you
Please note that we collect the following information from you in order to provide the PRIZM services that meet your needs. We take your privacy seriously. We strictly adhere to the principles of legality, correctness and necessity when collecting any information from you. You acknowledge that your refusal to provide information required for the services may affect your experience of using PRIZM.
7.1 We will collect your personal information such as information about your mobile device, actions history, transaction history, wallet address, etc.
7.2 You acknowledge that your wallet password, private key, mnemonics, and keystore on PRIZM are not stored or uploaded to our servers. We do not provide any services for recovering your wallet password, private key, mnemonics, or keystore.
7.3 Additionally, you acknowledge that when you use certain features of PRIZM, we may send you a request for additional personal information before actual collection. Your refusal to comply means that you are waiving the corresponding feature.
7.5 We need to access your camera when you save an image to your photo library or scan a QR code. Your refusal to agree means that you will not be able to scan or save images to a photo library. Please turn on the corresponding access when you need to scan or save again.
7.6 To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, we may collect and use your personal information without prior approval or consent in the following circumstances:
(1) In connection with national security or national defense;
(2) In connection with public safety, public health or significant public interest;
(3) In connection with crime investigation, prosecution, trial, execution of judgments, etc.;
(4) The personal information collected is disclosed by yourself to the public at your own discretion;
(6) Necessary for maintaining secure and compliant services, such as detection and handling of product and service failures;
(7) Other circumstances as stipulated by laws and regulations.
7.7 We collect information in the following ways:
(1) You provide information for us. For example, you provide us with your name, phone number or bank card numbers in "Personal Center", or with your email address when reporting a problem, or with additional information when using a specific service;
(2) We collect information when you use PRIZM, including information about your mobile device and your activity history.
(3) We copy all or part of your transaction history through the blockchain system. However, your transaction history is subject to the records in the blockchain system.
VIII. How we use your information
8.1 We use the unique serial number of your mobile device to match you with your wallet.
8.2 We will send you important notices promptly, such as software updates and changes to the Service Agreement and this Policy.
8.3 We process the feedback you submit to us by collecting the wallet address and the mobile device information you provide.
8.4 In accordance with the PRIZM User Agreement and Privacy Policy, as well as our other applicable rules, we will use personal information about users to manage and process user actions."
8.5 We meet legal and regulatory requirements and cooperate with regulatory agencies.
IX. How you control your information
You have the following autonomous control over your personal information in PRIZM:
9.1 You acknowledge that you are permitted to manage transfers and receive payments in "Cybercurrency".
9.2 You acknowledge that you have the freedom to perform the following actions:
(1) You are not required to provide your name, phone number, credit card number, and other information, but such information may be required when using certain services.
(2) You can always ask us your questions and provide feedback in the "Send Feedback" section. We are happy to learn from your ideas and improve our services.
9.3 You acknowledge that when we collect information from you for a specific purpose, you will be notified in advance and have the right to refuse the request for information. However, please note that your refusal to provide such information means that you are opting out of the corresponding PRIZM service.
9.4 You acknowledge that neither you nor we can control whether your transaction records will be made public. As the blockchain trading system has an open-source code, your transaction records are publicly accessible throughout the blockchain system.
X. Disclaimer
10.1 The Company is liable only for the obligations set forth in this Agreement.
10.2 You understand and agree that in accordance with the applicable legislation, the Company can provide services only based on our existing technologies and conditions. The Company is not responsible for the inability to provide PRIZM services and the loss of assets due to the following reasons:
(1) The system is down for maintenance or upgrades;
(2) Force majeure events such as typhoons, earthquakes, floods, lightning or terrorist attacks;
(3) Hardware and software of your mobile device, communication lines, or power lines fail;
(4) You take improper action or use the Company's services without a license or authorization;
(5) Any other reason that is not caused by the Company.
10.3 The company is not liable for any of the following cases:
(1) The loss of digital tokens in case of loss of your mobile device, deletion of PRIZM or wallet without proper backup, or forgetting the wallet password, private key, mnemonic phrase, or Keystore that were not backed up."
(2) The loss of cyber currency due to your own disclosure of wallet password, private key, mnemonic phrase, or Keystore, as well as lending, transferring, or authorizing other individuals to use your mobile device or TronLink, or due to unsuccessful downloading of the PRIZM application from official sources, or the insecure use of the application.
(3) The loss of cyber currency due to your own incorrect actions, including but not limited to entering the wrong transfer address and selecting the wrong transfer node server.
(4) The loss of cryptocurrency due to your incorrect actions caused by your lack of understanding of blockchain technology.
(5) Deviation in the copy of user transaction records created by the Blockchain Company due to system delay, blockchain system instability and other reasons.
10.4 A user shall bear the risks and consequences caused by or related to the following circumstances:
(1) The user uses third-party services to handle transactions;
(2) The user uses the developer mode;
10.5 You understand that PRIZM is only used as a tool for managing cryptocurrency. The Company does not control the quality, security, or legality of third-party services, the authenticity or accuracy of information, or the ability of the counterparty to fulfill its obligations under an agreement with you. Your use of third-party services is at your own discretion. You understand that the transaction and obligations under the contract are established solely between you and your counterparty and are unrelated to the Company. The Company reminds you of the need to carefully assess the authenticity, legality, and validity of the relevant information provided by a third party before using their services. Additionally, you bear all risks associated with your trading with any third party.
10.6 You acknowledge that the Company may provide services to you, be affiliated with you, or have an interest in you and your counterparties. You agree to waive any actual or potential conflict of interest that may arise in connection with such conduct on our part. You may not use this to assert that the Company is legally deficient in providing services; nor does it increase the Company's liability or duty of care.
10.7 The Company does not provide the following forms of guarantee:
(1) The services provided by the Company will meet all your needs;
(2) Any technology, product, service, information or other content you obtain through the Company's services will meet your expectations;
(3) Your counterparts participating in transactions on PRIZM will fulfill their obligations under the transaction agreement with you.
10.8 You understand that PRIZM is used solely as a tool for managing digital coins and displaying information about transactions. The Company does not provide legal, tax or investment advice or any other services. You should seek advice from professionals in the field of law, taxation and investment. The Company is not responsible for any loss of investment or data that you may incur while using its services.
10.9 You understand that the Company may change the user access standards from time to time to limit the scope and manner of provision of the services provided for particular groups of users as required by applicable laws, regulations, and policies.
XI. Protection of intellectual property rights
11.1 The intellectual property rights, including trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets, of all contents on the Platform, including the writings, images, files, information, materials, Platform architecture, Platform screen layout, Platform design, texts and graphics, software compilation, source code and software application, etc., shall be owned by the Platform or other right owners pursuant to the law.
11.2 Without the written consent of the Platform or other rights holders, no one shall use, modify, reproduce, publicly transmit, change, distribute, issue or publicly publish the program or content of the Platform without authorization.
11.3 Users shall not download (except for page caching) or modify the Platform or any part thereof without the express written consent of the Platform. Users shall not resell or commercially exploit the Platform or its contents; shall not collect and exploit product catalogs, descriptions and prices; shall not make any derivative use of the Platform or its contents; and shall not download or copy the account Information or use any data mining, robots or similar data collection and extraction tools for other commercial benefit. The systematic access to the Platform's content for the purpose of directly or indirectly creating or editing a corpus, compilation, database or directory (whether by robots, spiders, automatic instruments or manual operations) is strictly prohibited without the Platform's written permission. Further, it is strictly prohibited to use any content or materials on the Platform for any purpose not expressly permitted in these Conditions of Use.
11.4 The website of the Platform or any part thereof shall not be reproduced, copied, counterfeited, sold, resold, accessed, or otherwise utilized for any commercial purpose without the express written consent of the Platform. Users shall not use any technique to take possession of any trademarks, logos, or other proprietary information (including images, text, web designs, or forms thereof) of the Platform or its affiliates without the Platform's express written consent. Users shall not use the name and trademarks of the Platform or its affiliates in meta tags or in any other "hidden text" without the express written consent of the Platform. Any unauthorized use terminates the permission or license granted by the Platform.
11.5 A user's access to the Platform or use of any services provided by the Platform shall not be deemed as transfer of any intellectual property from the Platform to the user. In case of any breach of such obligation, the user shall be liable for damages and other legal liabilities to the Platform.
XII. Miscellaneous
12.1 You must fully understand and comply with all laws, regulations and rules related to the use of our services in your jurisdiction. If any provision of this Agreement is determined as unenforceable, invalid or illegal by any authority of competent jurisdiction, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby.
12.2 If you encounter any issues regarding the use of personal information while using our services, you may contact us by providing feedback through PRIZM or other channels. You acknowledge and agree that before raising a dispute or filing a lawsuit, you are obligated to contact the Platform for informal dispute resolution, and we will strive to resolve your dispute internally as promptly as possible. The parties agree to negotiate in good faith to resolve their dispute (discussions should be confidential, protected by relevant rules, and should not be used as evidence in any legal proceedings).
12.3 You can review the Policy and other terms of our services in PRIZM. We recommend that you review our Service Agreement and Privacy Policy each time you visit PRIZM.
12.4 Any translation of the Policy is provided solely for the convenience of users and does not imply a modification of the terms of the Policy.
12.5 These rules come into effect on July 12, 2023.
Any matter not covered herein shall be governed by announcements and relevant rules updated by us.
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