Cryptocurrency features PRIZM


The average time to generate a blockchain takes 59 seconds and does not depend on the number of transactions.


Unique technology. Two-factor source of increasing the number of coins in your wallet.


Use of modern eco-crypto-technologies POS, instead of labor-consuming and energy-consuming systems POW.

Open source code

Open source allows any developer to embed Prizm into their project.


Prizm (PZM) - Fully decentralized, self-regulated digital currency. The new implementation of the concept of cryptocurrency, allowing any user to easily and safely store and make money transfers directly, as if the transfer of cash from hand to hand.

Getting started with PRIZM

1. Prizm Wallet

Create a new free Prizm wallet.
Create a wallet

2. Activation

Activate your Prizm Wallet.
Activate wallet

3. Trading

Buy and sell Prizm on the stock exchange.

4. Forging

Install the Prizm Core software and get Prizm coins.
Download Prizm Core
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Prizm Forging - network administration. When you connect forging, your account has the right to generate new blocks in Blockchain. If at the moment when you form a block (forge), some kind of transaction is made (no matter where in the world) and it passes through your formed block, you get a commission for the transaction in the amount of  0.5 % . A fixed commission of 0.5% makes PRIZM a means of payment - comfortable and convenient. This is the advantage of this cryptocurrency. As the network expands, the number of transactions within it will grow, respectively, and the earnings in the form of forging will increase. Already today, thousands of users are engaged in forging in the PRIZM network.

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