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Digital currency of the new generation

A fully decentralized, self-regulatory digital currency with unique technology - Paramining.

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How it works?
The system used by PRIZM considers each "coin" on the wallet balance to be a diminutive mining farm.
Prizm mining coin
To start using Prizm you need to create and activate a new wallet.
Launch Paramining
To start the process of mining coins - you just need to replenish your wallet with 1 Prizm coin.
Coin mining speed depends on 3 factors - personal balance, the balance of your partners' wallets and the difficulty of mining - Paratax.
Accumulated Paramining can be easily sold on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Key features of PRIZM

PRIZM is a 100% Proof of Stake cryptocurrency based on the NEXT core, built in the open source Java language.
Prizm paramining
On average it takes 59 seconds for blockchain block to generate and it does not depend on the number of transactions.
Unique technology. A three-factor source for increasing the number of coins in your wallet.

Proof of Stake

The use of modern eco-crypto technologies POS, instead of the time-consuming and energy intensive POW systems.

Open source

Open source allows any developer to implement Prizm in their project.

First steps

Follow the simple registration procedure and start the Paramining (coin mining) process on your wallet.
Create and activate
a new Prizm Wallet
Register on the cryptocurrency exchange - buy or sell Prizm coins
Install Prizm Core
Install Prizm Software and sync Blockchain
Invite a friend
Invite a friend, tell him about Prizm and activate his wallet.
PRIZM Integration
into your project

PRIZM payment system is the easiest way to receive and send crypto payments.
You can easily integrate PRIZM into your project, online store, exchanger and etc
Prizm Markets
Register on these exchanges to buy and sell Prizm.
Make transactions in the interface convenient for you.


Prizm Wallet, Кошелек Prizm, Prizm wallet osx windows web

A new implementation of the cryptocurrency concept that allows any user to store money transfers and make them directly in an easy, quick and secure way, as if transferring cash from hand to hand.


Prizm Wallet iOS

The most secure crypto wallet Prizm

Prizm Wallet, кошелек призм. создать кошелек Prizm, призм валет


Prizm Wallet
создание кошелька prizm
Приватный ключ prizm
Prizm wallet

App Guide

Install the software on your computer and start mining PRIZM coins using forging.



Prizm core, Prizm core v.1.10.3, Prizm core v.1.10.3 OS X, Prizm core v.1.10.3 Linux, Prizm core v.1.10.3 windows, нода призм, Prizm node, forging
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