An important factor at the moment is the global pandemic (lockdown), which literally nullifies the global economy. Giant multinational companies on the verge of bankruptcy, layoffs, unemployment and poverty. Most of the worker classes do not have savings, and many simply have nothing to buy food for.

Prizm helps to survive!

At the same time, Prizm help to cover basic survival needs through fair coin emissions among all community members.

We must to try with all of you to create a new culture in the field of understanding and using cryptocurrencies. We must learn to find advantages and new opportunities in an era of general chaos. Discussing the price of Prizm and crying that you are in the red is at least not respectful and not professional. If you came to this market without having studied all the risks, this is the main mistake — ur mistake. There are fundamental rules for investing, financial literacy and budget planning — start with this, develop while sitting in lockdown, promote the idea of ​​cryptocurrency in its purest form.

Prizm is the beginning of a new era of digital assets, where you are the owner of your assets without intermediaries. The world crypto community takes time to accept this fact, as well as for everything new.

Prizm was born on February 17, 2017 and only in 2020 did the first independent steps begin in the global crypto community. Surely everyone knows how long Bitcoin has been developing? But his success is only that he was the FIRST!

Therefore, consider a Prizm coin not by price, but by its manufacturability, environmental friendliness and prospects. Hold coins, sell coins only for the most important needs!

Prizm is not a speculative tool!

Prizm is a living decentralized ecosystem and its main component is people! Your actions directly affect on Prizm, you create pools, try to deceive — Prizm answers, the same, you promote a coin, train newcomers, give the light for PZM — Prizm answers!

You are Prizm! Everything is interconnected! Prizm reacts to everything!

  • We want to reach your light side. Prudence — to think for good and creation.
  • Let us unite and direct all our efforts to the process of creation, not destruction!
  • If the coin rate is important for you, do something to grow it!
  • If you like coin technology, tell a friend about it!
  • If you think that Prizm is utopia and failure, just don’t interfere!
  • Do not waste your time and life energy on negative emotions.
  • Learn to accept your mistakes and get exp!


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Maximum respect to all who keep fighting!

Never give-up!

Thank you for attention! Stay Tuned!