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1. New Mechanics — The Hold

The new mechanics of Hold includes a set of rules and logic that allows forging and receiving payments without interrupting the paramining process.

The main concepts that define the Hold:

  • Hold Amount — part of the account balance obtained through forging or incoming transactions, temporarily not participating in the paramining process.
  • Account Hold Status is the state of the account in which this account is the creator of at least 1 of the last 100,000 blocks in the blockchain, and its balance is in the range from 1000 PZM to 110,000 PZM (not taking the hold amount into account).
  • Hold Deposit — crediting PZM from incoming transactions and block rewards amounts to account’s Hold amount.
  • The Hold Transfer — inclusion of the amount of the hold into an account’s future paramining balance, the transfer occurs during an outgoing transaction in a hold status, or during any transaction or creation of a block by an account in the absence of a hold status if there is a hold amount.

After the account has created a block, it receives Hold status for 100,000 blocks. From this moment, the account balance is fixed, and any number of incoming transactions or forged blocks:

  • will not result in a paramining payout
  • will not reset the paramining counter
  • paramining is calculated from the time of the last outgoing transaction or the time of the created block that enabled an account to Hold status (if there were no outgoing transactions after this block)
  • paramining is calculated based on the balance excluding a Hold Amount

When an account creates an outgoing transaction in Hold status, it will receive paramining, and the next paramining payout will be calculated based on the full balance of the account.
The amount of the Hold is part of the balance for outgoing transactions, but is not considered as such when calculating paramining. It does not affect the ability to send all your funds with the transaction — the amount of Hold is the property of the account holder and he can use it at his will.
Also, the Hold Amount is not taken into account in the hierarchy amount of the parent accounts until the Hold Transfer occurs.
The Hold Mechanics will be engaged at height 1,200,000.

2. The Hierarchy Amount calculation mechanism has been optimized

  • Reduced disk usage when downloading the blockchain.
  • Previously, block processing required recalculation of the hierarchy amounts for the sender and receiver for each transaction in the block. Now, if there are many transactions in one block involving one account, its balance and the amount of the structure will be updated only once, taking into account all account operations in this block at once.
  • On productive devices with a fast Internet connection but a slow disk, some blocks with a large number of transactions from one account or to one account now are going to be downloaded faster.

3. Changed the maximum value of PARATAX

  • For accounts in hold status, the maximum possible PARATAX value is reduced down to 97%.
  • This change will be engaged together with Hold Mechanics.

4. New block version

  • Starting from a height of 1,200,000 inclusive, the blocks will have version 8.

There is no need to re-sync.

Hot switch:

Prizm Core
  1. Stop PrizmCore
  2. Set “prizm.version=” inside
  3. Replace the old PrizmEngine.jar with a new one from the latest package prizm-dist-
  4. Start PrizmCore
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