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Prizm Wallet

Creating a PRIZM Wallet

Prizm Wallet, кошелек призм. создать кошелек Prizm, призм валет


Prizm Wallet
создание кошелька prizm
Приватный ключ prizm
Prizm wallet


Private Key

Software and Security

Register Prizm Wallet
To register a new Prizm wallet, you need to open the official web client in the second tab of the browser or install the PRIZM WALLET software on Mac OS or Windows. Go back to this tab to create a wallet according to the instructions and not to miss anything.

Prizm Wallet Software:
Browser Web Client
Prizm Wallet Mac Os
Prizm Wallet Windows
If you use a browser:

Open the Prizm Web Client in a new tab. Carefully check the address in the browser line - pay attention to HTTPS, wallet, prizm:

If you use the software on Mac Os or Windows, run the Prizm Wallet app.
To start creating a wallet, click on the Registration button in the upper right corner. You will see a window with the generation of the private key.


Private Key

Парольная фраза Prizm
Private key prizm
You need to add 16 characters in Latin to the different parts of the field with the private key.

You can also completely erase generated words and come up with the whole key yourself. In this case, you must enter 113 characters in Latin.
Click Registration button
add 16 characters
in Latin
Copy the private key to a safe place and duplicate it on paper.

If you have lost or forgotten your private key, you have permanently lost access to your funds.
Saving Private Key
парольная фраза призм
Prizm private key
Next, click the Sign In button and proceed to the next step.
Click Sign In button
Copy the Private Key completely and save it
in a safe place.
After you add the required number of characters, you will see a pop-up window with a full private key.
The private key is not reset or restored.
The private key is shown only 1 time at the beginning when creating a new wallet.

Prizm Wallet Interface

кошелек prizm wallet, wallet prizm space
sign in prizm wallet
Private Key Authorization
Enter the private key and click the Sign In button.
After successful authorization, you will see the wallet interface.
Explore the basic elements that are indicated by purple dots.
PRIZM wallet address
Full details by clicking on the addres.
B - Balance
The number of coins in your wallet.
P - Paramining
Paramining counter - starts from 1 coin.
Button for sending PRIZM coins to anyone.
Wallet created successfully.
We proceed to the activation process.

Prizm Wallet Activation

Prizm address
prizm public key, prizm wallet account id
To activate, you need:
Addres Prizm
Public Key
For the wallet to work correctly, it must be activated by making a transaction to this wallet. Thus, the transaction record will be transferred to the blockchain, and the wallet will be activated and suitable for work.
PRIZM wallet addres
Click on the wallet address to show the full details of the wallet.
Your wallet addres
Public Key
The public key of your wallet. Used only 1 time with Prizm Wallet activation.
Activation methods:

1 - Send address and public key to your mentor.
2 - If you already have wallets - activate your wallet yourself.
3 - If 1 and 2 do not suit you, activate here
For complete information about the wallet, click on the link with the wallet address.
with the full details of your wallet. Used in the PRIZM mobile application to provide transactions.
Account ID
used to track transactions on the blockchain.
Open the wallet details window
The result of successful activation will be an incoming transaction to your wallet, which looks like this:
Comment on the payment, which can be read if you enter the wallet using a private key.
Amount sent for activation.
The wallet that activated you.
prizm wallet transaction, призм отправить монеты
- Now you can use your wallet.
- Make and accept transactions.
- Activate your new partners and build a structure
To make a transaction or activate a new partner, you need to go into your wallet, click the "SEND" button, enter the recipient's data and complete the transaction.
Comment on the payment. For example: "Pay for work!"
The amount you want to send is just a number.
Recipient's wallet address. The one to whom you are sending coins.
prizm wallet create transaction, passphrase prizm
Private Key
Your private key is the password from the wallet to confirm the transaction.
Public Key
It is necessary to fill in only for wallet activation. In the rest, it is inserted automatically.
Simple transaction
For a simple transaction to a working wallet, you only need the Prizm wallet address.
To activate a partner's new wallet, you need the wallet address and public key.
Partner Activation



Multifunctional cryptocurrency wallet on iOS and Android

Prizm wallet iOS iphone android. мобильное приложение Prizm

Prizm Wallet
iOS / Android

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