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Prizm Forging

PRIZM Network Administration

forging, prizm forging, форжинг призм


Prizm forging
pzm forging
призм форжинг


Prizm Core


Prizm Forging
Prizm Forging – network administration. When you activate forging, your account has the right to create new blocks in the blockchain. If you form a block (forging), you get a reward from all transactions in this block (0.5%). A fixed commission of 0.5% makes PRIZM a means of payment - convenient and subordinate. This is the advantage of this cryptocurrency. As the network expands, the number of transactions in it will grow. A thousand users are already engaged in forging in the PRIZM network.

Install the software on your computer and start mining PRIZM coins using forging.



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Download software for your operating system

How to deploy PRIZM node on Linux

to equipment
OS Linux (Ubuntu)

CPU 2 and more

RAM 2GB and more

Free disk space 32GB and more
1st step
Now, we install prizm-dist and jre.

The Prizm core is written in Java, so we need jre under Linux:

  1. Download jre (
  2. Download prizm-dist (
  3. Extract a prizm-dist-1.9.17-linux.tgz:
    • Change to the directory «home»:
      cd /home/
    • Move the .tar.gz archive binary to the current directory.
    • Unpack the tarball:
      tar zxvf prizm-dist-1.9.17-linux.tgz
    • Delete prizm-dist-1.9.17-linux.tgz
  4. Extract a jre in prizm-dist folder:
    • Move jre tar.gz to /home/prizm-dist/
    • Let's now extract the zip file into that folder:
tar zxvf jre-8u202-linux-x64.tar.gz

  • Delete jre-8u202-linux-x64.tar.gz


|— prizm-dist/
| |— conf/
| |— jre/
| | |— [jre files]
| |— prizm_db/
| |— html/
| |— logs/
| |—
| |—
| |— prizmEngine.jar

2nd step
Yep!), we installed prizm-dist and jre.

And so, the following step we will adjust

  1. We open conf/
  2. Move to line 61 (myAddress=) and insert your address.
  3. Move to line 250 (prizm.adminPassword) and insert your password.
  4. Save
3rd step
Testing and running prizmEngine:

  1. Run the and see if there are any errors?
  2. I hope that number of errors is 0 and we move to next step.
  3. Open the browser and input: ip:9976
Where ip: IP = prizm.myAddress.

if you see index.html file and stable connection then all is well.

  1. Kill java process:
    • First command: ps -A | grep java
    • Output of this command will give the list of java processes running on your system. Note down Process ID (PID) prizmEngine.jar.
    • Second command: kill -9 PID
    • Wait 3 minutes while databases prizmEngine are closed.
    • Start and be connected to the ip:9976