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18.05. 2020

Prizm Worldwide Community

This chat for foreign users, aimed at obtaining truthful and reliable information about Prizm Cybercurrency

❗️ Chat Rules:

  • Don't use RUSSIAN language in your messages.
  • Forbidden to promote third-party projects using Prizm as a payment method.
  • Forbidden to insult chat participants and use foul language.
  • Forbidden to send to chat web-links that are not related to Prizm.
  • For violation of rules you will be banned forever

Official Resources:

Official Website -
Blockchain Explorer
Prizm Software on GitHub
Prizm Coinmarketcap
Prizm Whitepaper

Key Points

❗️ If you don't know or don't own a private wallet key - You don't own cryptocurrency. Access to the wallet should be without intermediaries.
❗️ If you lose your private key, you will forever lose access to the wallet.
❗️ Private key cannot be reset or restored.
❗️ Download and install Prizm software only from official resources -

Prizm Wallet Mobile: iOS | Android


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